Conference #1 Bring Laughter to your Workplace!

Release stress and support your team’s mental health by bringing a Laughter conference/ workshop!

In person or Virtually the benefits are quickly felt!

“Laughter for the health of it!”

We offer you a conference* format presentation combined with a workshop portion.

The objective of this presentation is to help participants understand & identify stress in everyday life. Then recognize the power of Laughter as an essential antidote in stress management, in order to improve the quality of life, while promoting better health of body and mind.

More effective stress management is an essential tool for better performance, teambuilding and reduced absenteeism.

Such a presentation/activity will offer participants the opportunity to transpose theoretical information into everyday reality.

“People who laugh together work better together” – John Cleese

*Conferences can be stand-alone or in a series over several weeks or months. The objective of conferences is to help participants unlock laughter potential in everyday life, then recognize that the power of laughter as an essential antidote in improving the quality of life. Conferences & workshops tailored to your specific needs.

Conference #2 Laughter Yoga in senior’s residences & community!

Sylvie’s Passion for Laughter Yoga, her formal training in Gerontology brings and extra sensitivity to her Laughter Wellness programs, offered successfully in Senior residences for over 14 years.

From Independent living to assisted living; people living with Dementia, Alzheimer or Parkinson’s disease, Sylvie’s workshops are guaranteed to bring more JOY to your groups.

Read more about the Benefits of Laughter Yoga for Seniors in our blog post!

laughter yoga conference

New conferences (Only available in French, coming soon in English)

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