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Welcome to the Laughter Institute!

Laughter Yoga is a unique concept where anyone can laugh without a reason. We don’t rely on sense of humour, jokes or comedy. Laughter yoga helps you laugh through life’s challenges. Anything can happen anytime, so its’ important to have a strong positive mental attitude ready to deal with any negativity that may come your way. Laughter increases and enhances your enjoyment of life.

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Ways to bring more
Laughter in your life!

Laughing when everything is good, is easy…. But how do we access Laughter when times are challenging? The laughter Institute’s Mission is to assist you in tapping into your “inner pharmacy” and bring more Laughter into your life.

Laughter Club

Every second Wednesday, from October until the end of June, you are invited to attend our Virtual Laughter Club. A safe place to laugh, to discover and experience Laughter Yoga first hand. You are invited to register first at Details and a Zoom link will be sent to you.

Training & Certifications

Start “Diving into” Laughter by becoming a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader and join the community. Already a Leader? Great! Help grow the Laughter Yoga family by becoming a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher (Laughter Yoga Leader course is a prerequisite)!


Conferences can be stand-alone or in a series over several weeks or months. The objective of conferences is to help participants unlock laughter potential in everyday life, then recognize that the power of laughter as an essential antidote in improving the quality of life
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We are a group of female physicians of the Ottawa chapter of the Federation of Medical women of Canada and we invited Sylvie to introduce us to Laughter Yoga. Her session was informative, respectful and engaging. The technique itself is very relaxing and would be useful for our patients with any chronic illness, or simply as a stress reliever. Sylvie has a very effective style of teaching and an infectious love for the Laughter Yoga Technique!

Dr. Janet Dollin

I am currently receiving chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.
You helped make this period of my life much easier to tolerate.

My doctor is impressed with my ability to withstand treatment and I am convinced that laughter and my positive attitude have a lot to do with it… Thank you for introducing me to this incredible tool that is Laughter Yoga. You are part of my healing.

C.D., chemotherapy patient.
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Bring more Laughter to your life!

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