What people are saying about the Laughter Institute

A very special thank you to Sylvie Dagenais-Douville who hosts our Laugh sessions (yes, the little blonde in the colorful blouse…;-) ). Laughing for no reason is a wonderful tool to stimulate our production of endorphins, our feel-good hormones.

Participant – CLYT, Canada

We are a group of female physicians of the Ottawa chapter of the Federation of Medical women of Canada and we invited Sylvie to introduce us to Laughter Yoga. Her session was informative, respectful and engaging. The technique itself is very relaxing and would be useful for our patients with any chronic illness, or simply as a stress reliever. Sylvie has a very effective style of teaching and an infectious love for the Laughter Yoga Technique!

Dr. Janet Dollin

I am currently receiving chemotherapy treatments for breast cancer.
You helped make this period of my life much easier to tolerate.

My doctor is impressed with my ability to withstand treatment and I am convinced that laughter and my positive attitude have a lot to do with it… Thank you for introducing me to this incredible tool that is Laughter Yoga. You are part of my healing.

C.D., chemotherapy patient

Cancer patients:

  • It helped me laugh far more than I usually did in the past
  • I found myself less depressed and more comfortable making eye contact with people
  • …I feel myself changing and I want to keep it up
  • The instructor was amazing!

In the Workplace:

  • I have rarely laughed like that at work and it did us a world of good
  • Thank you and keep up the great work! It is very important to take care of  Mental health at work !!

Seniors & Activity directors:

  • Residents in every level of care benefit from Laughter Yoga. It is so special when you can share a laugh with a resident living with dementia, who might not otherwise experience mirthful laughter throughout his or her day
  • I don’t remember last time I laughed! It felt so great! (Geriatric department Royal Ottawa Hospital).
  • When are you back? I need to do this more often!!
  • When I saw that Laughter Yoga was the activity today, I knew my day would get better.
  • Laughing Yoga has to be experienced to be believed, and the physical and mental benefits it confers. Just ask me!!  – BJ, retired M.D.

Other Testimonials:

  • Thank you very much, it’s a great way to enjoy life!
  • Bravo, it was really exceptional, congratulations!
  • Stunning, wonderful! A smile is worth a thousand words, a big laugh is happiness!
  • Great experience! Thank you so much.
  • I am going through a difficult situation and this session taught me extraordinary relaxation techniques….
  • Thank you, thank you!!Cheer! Thanks for being there, it’s great to laugh! what a great way to treat yourself.
  • I received information from the CROIRE group at my pre-chemo meeting. I take whatever happens to help me. I have already changed my attitude; it really helps me and I help my family by the band.
  • Excellent! Thank you for your presence and your good mood!
  • Passionate teacher, Thank you, it’s contagious
  • Laughter Yoga kept me going through out the pandemic
  • Thank you for coming to Ottawa, and for this fabulous session. Take care, stay well, and yes – let’s all continue to laugh! – Eric Wooltorton MD, Director of Faculty Development Family Medicine U of Ottawa